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Communities – The enduring quality of Rosemont Homes can be found in many of Hamilton’s finer communities including; Wellington Chase (Hamilton Mountain), Heritage Green (Stoney Creek Mountain), Fifty Point West (Winona), Seabreeze Estates (Winona), Duncairn Forest (Hamilton west mountain), Glancaster Meadows (Hamilton, Ontario), Escarpment Vista Estates (Grimsby, Ontario), Jade Park Manor (Ancaster, Ontario), Shoreview Place (Stoney Creek, Ontario), and Chappel Estate Towns (Hamilton Mountain). An array of architectural styles, interior designs, and customized details shows Rosemont Homes’ commitment to innovation and personalized attention. Indeed, innovative designs, quality construction, and customized detailing are the hallmarks of every Rosemont home.

Communities - Chappel Estate Towns, Hamilton, Ontario - © Rosemont Homes Inc.Shoreview Place - © Rosemont Homes Inc.Jade Park Manor - © Rosemont Homes Inc.Escarpment Vista Estates - © Rosemont Homes Inc.Communities - Glancaster Meadows - © Rosemont Homes Inc.Chappel Estates - © Rosemont Homes Inc.